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BIformat and BIformat TENSIO Classic

ROLLING screens

BIformat screen is TWO screens in ONE:

inside the same case
there are TWO indipendent projection curtains:

you can choose
your own personal format for each courtain
and your preferred configuration

The BIformat screens are available with the following
projection surfaces: Alkorfix White, Alkorfix White Dark Back, Alkorfix Grey, Alkorfix Acoustik.

The planarity of both surfaces is ensured by the counterweights and there are no risks of horizontal crease marks thanks to the special anchoring to the pipe. Also the front drop of the surface and the vertical alignment of the rollers ensure planarity of the curtains.The motorized rolling of the two surfaces are controlled by a wall-mounted remote control or an integrated radio receiver. The case is white (RAL 9016), with brushed aluminium lateral ends, which completely mask the screws. The anchoring system is simple and super-quick, for easy installation procedures.

Biformat lateral section

Example of two different curtain in the same BIformat screen

BIFORMAT BIFORMAT tensio classic

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  • wall -or ceiling- quick mount brackets
  • 2 unipolar selector switches
  • 2-channels remote control for radiointegrated motor
  • case for remote control


  • receiver and RF remote control (modalities: basic, automatic and compatible with domotic systems)
  • receiver and infrared remote control
  • bracket extensions (up to 60 cm)
BIformat caseBIformat: particularBIformat TENSIO classic: particularBIformat: wall and ceiling bracketBIformat remote control

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