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FRAMED screens

IMAGER frame screens has been realized expecially for Home-theatre installations,
where a permanent and pleasing application is required.

The most important characteristic of IMAGER screen is its simple and linear design.

The IMAGER frame screen is available on two versions: the structure of the frame is the same for both versions, only the cover is different:

  • IMAGER BLACK has the frame made of aluminium with matt black colour finished (as the PLANO BLACK screen)

  • IMAGER VELVET has the frame made of aluminium coated in a black velvety flock finish with a special treatment which totally absorbs light (as the PLANO VELVET screen)

These are the most important characteristics of the IMAGER screens:

  • The IMAGER screen is set up with a rigid black aluminium frame 75 mm wide and 20 mm thick only.

  • The fixing system and the curtain tensioning system are the same as PLANO screen that allows to obtain, after installation, a screen with its frame perfectly adherent to the wall, without any visible wall-fixing system and a perfectly flat curtain.

  • The projection surface is anchoring to the frame by elastic gums that assure perfect tension of the projection surface as on the PLANO screen

  • The IMAGER screen can be fixed directly to the wall with the mounting set supplied as standard and installation and dismounting are very easy thanks to the decomposable structure.

  • The profile of the IMAGER screen is segmented in order to obtain a more compact way of packaging.
IMAGER frontal view

IMAGER frame screens can be supplied with four different projection surfaces:Alkorfix White, Alkorfix White Dark Back, Alkorfix Grey, Alkorfix Acoustik.

The IMAGER screens are avilable on followìing standard formats but you can also choose you own tailored ratio

DOWNLOAD catalogue:

IMAGER BLACK particularIMAGER VELVET particular



  • wall -or ceiling- mount brackets
  • elastics, iron rods and sliders to assembly the surface
  • angles complete with screws and nuts to assembly the frame


Technical and mounting system informations:

IMAGER rear frame section with pin for the elastic gumIMAGER rear frame section with pins for the elastic gumIMAGER reinforced angleIMAGER angleIMAGER angleIMAGER frame assembly
IMAGER assemby curtainIMAGER assemby curtainIMAGER assemby curtainIMAGER assemby curtain to frameIMAGER elastic gums assemblyIMAGER elastic gums assemblyIMAGER elastic gums assemblyIMAGER assemby curtain to frame
IMAGER fixing systemIMAGER fixing systemIMAGER fixing systemIMAGER fixing systemIMAGER fixing system

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