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ROLLING screens

The INCEEL screen is ideal solution
for all places (home, offices, conference hall)

where it is required the
completely disappearance of the screen:

the visual impact is significantly reduced!

The INCEEL screen is hidden inside the ceiling
it is visible only when it is used!

The INCEEL screen, with its white case, is positioned inside a false ceiling thanks to a simple and innovative assembly system and the anchoring system is hidden by applying two plugs on the ends of the case.

INCEEL screens are available with the following projection curtains: Alkorfix White, Alkorfix White Dark Back, Alkorfix Grey, Alkorfix Acoustik, Alkorfix Fumè (for rear projection) and there are all available with black edges except from the Alkorfix Fumè curtain.

The motorized rolling of the screen is controlled by a wall-mounted
remote control or an integrated radio receiver and the projection curtain drop could be frontal or rear.

The INCEEL screens are avilable on followìing standard formats but you can also choose you own tailored ratio

INCEEL - white versionINCEEL - white with black edges versionINCEEL - TENSIO CLASSIC version with black edges and black top


different versions

DOWNLOAD catalogue:

INCEEL particular: anchoring systemINCEEL particular: counterweightINCEEL TENSIO particular: anchoring systemINCEEL TENSIO particular: counterweightINCEEL  particular: case head



  • 8x 50 cm threaded bars for installation (max. height: 1 m)
  • unipolar selector switch
  • end plates for closing the plasterboard


Technical and mounting system informations:

INCEEL: technical sizesINCEEL: technical projectINCEEL: case's technical section sizesINCEEL: case's technical section sizesINCEEL: case's technical lateral sizes

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