- rigid holgrafic screens, rolling, framed, portable projection screens: high quality dynamic projection

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FRAMED screens

The EASY SURFACE is the ideal curtain
for service and rental contexts as meetings, fairs, concerts...

The EASY SURFACE anchoring system to the aluminium truss in made by elastic cables that prevents any warping or distortion of the projection surface.

EASY SURFACE can be supplied with different projection surfaces: Alkorfix White Dark Back, Alkorfix Fumè (for rear projection)
EASY SURFACE is avilable on followìing standard formats but you can also choose you own tailored ratio

EASY SURFACEEASY SURFACE standard accessoriesEASY SURFACE assembly particularEASY SURFACE butterflyEASY SURFACE  fixing particularEASY SURFACE  fixing particularEASY SURFACE fixing particular

DOWNLOAD catalogue:



  • kit with 20 cm cables
  • wing screws


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