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- HOLOlographic PROjection surface -
a new system for
communication and visual information,
for making presentations in public, and to convey effectively advertising messages.
HOLOPRO ™ is a screen for video projection with an absolutely innovative design that CIMEX presents as official distributor in Italy:
a completely transparent crystal slab that turns into video screen when there is projected on the surface with a video projector.
Whether it's still images (slides), moving (DVD, VCR, TV, satellite, et.) or from personal computers, tthe results are amazing.


HOLOPRO ™ opens the door to new ways of communication and Visual presentation.
HOLOPRO ™ is a video projection screen that lets you "PLAY with THE TRASPARENCES", capturing the attention of the public – alternatively-on projected images (informational message content) and objects posts (according to a careful study) behind the screen itself (the container of the communication becomes itself "half" of the notice).
Large shops, car Dealers, museums, art galleries, airports, conference centres and business centres, exhibition stands, boutiques and malls, travel agencies, ... in all these contexts and in many others.

HOLOPRO ™ represents an effective and innovative choice, whereby interior-designers to design solution always new and cutting-edge, capable of attracting the attention of the public and to amaze with Visual effects until yesterday impossible to achieve.


HOLOPRO™ - rear projections screens

The screen HOLOPRO ™ creates a new mode of communication and visual presentation, because intrigues and involves the public in a new experience, generating a strong emotional impact and attracting attention to the contents of the communicative message and-unique and distinctive factor- on objects that are located behind the screen itself (which can be glimpsed even during projection). Thanks to the guaranteed excellent performances (resolution, brightness and contrast of the image) more than traditional communication systems (TV, video, et.), HOLOPRO ™ qualifies and makes unique the communication, its content and the means itself by which it is conveyed to the public.

  • The high quality construction - ensured by the respect of the stringent Tuv- reaches the highest levels and the installation of the entire system (screen + video projector) is simple and quick, not requiring specialized persons.
  • The HOLOPRO ™ screen is a screen that features futuristic and elegantdesign , able to capture the attention of the public even when it is "off". It is destined to become a design object that fits well in contexts of Interior Design as car dealerships, museums, art galleries, airports, conference centres and business centres, exhibition stands, boutiques and shopping malls, travel agents, et.

HOLOPRO™ TERMINAL - rear projection screen

is system consists of a screen Holopro mounted on a lectern and a projector in the base. It has a sleek, sophisticated and fits perfectly in any environment in which you put it: museums, conference centers, meeting rooms, art galleries, airports, fairs, boutiques, travel agencies, wherever a direct and clear information is necessary.
The projector is included and positioned in the base of the structure.
HOLOTERMINAL is provided completely assembled and packed in a flight case: just unpack and turn on the projector:
it is ready to use!

HOLOPRO™ PRESENTER MOBIL - rear projection screen

Holopro Presenter Mobil is the ideal solution for agencies, representatives and anyone who needs to make frequent presentations in different places and asks high quality for their images.
The mobile system consists of a high technology rear projection (Holopro screen) and a support for the projector.

HOLOPRO™ FOIL - schermo a retroproiezione

HOLOPRO FOIL is a transparent foil produced with the Holopro technology, protected by two sheets of polyester. Holopro Foil offers great transparency and projecting bright, it is lightweight, flexible, easily transportable. It is ideal solution for shops, showrooms, wherever there is the need to attract and intrigue people inside the shop! You can apply it directly to the window with transparent adhesive tape. Special sizes can also be produced on request.

HOLOPRO™SPECCHIO (MIRROR) - frontal projection screen

HOLOPRO™SPECCHIO (MIRROR) is the last frontier in the use of the "holographic" technology: the film containing the holografic elements (HOE) is used to create a reflective mirror crystal. Thus the Holopro technology combines with frontal projection and creates an "object" that captures the public's curiosity: the mirror, on which the surrounding environment images are reflected, suddenly turns into a screen on which is projected the company advertisement or the last James Bond film ... Available in sizes from 20 to 100 inches ( ratio 4:3), HOLOPRO MIRROR hangs on the wall like a common mirror, becoming at the same time, an item of furniture that qualifies the environment in which it is inserted.

Other models are availabe!

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