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FRAMED screens

he PLANO screens are high quality frame screen
characterized by an
innovative design developed in order to improve the contact of the screen

it is very appreciate in the home cinema applications.

The PLANO screens are characterised by a pleasant design of the frame and a special velvet that cover the frame (PALNO VELVET version).

PLANO frame screen is available on two versions: the structure of the frame is the same for both versions, only the cover is different:

  • PLANO BLACK has the frame made of aluminium with matt black colour finished

  • PLANO VELVET has the frame made of aluminium coated in a black velvety flock finish with a special treatment which totally absorbs light

These are the most important characteristics of the PLANO screens:

  • the shape of the frame, in particular the cutting angle of the edges frame, is studied to reflect the projected light not against but away from the viewer! On this way the frame appears more dark and the viewer obtains an higher contrast effect. More: the black colour of the frame in the PLANO BLACK version and the flocked velvet in the PALNO VELVET version, allows to have an higher contrast effect because it absorbs any projected light.
  • The absence of any visible "technical system": the fixing systems to wall are insert in the frame and you do not see them.

  • Also the tensioning system of the curtain is insert into the backside of the frame so there is no distance between screen and wall. The tensioning system is based on elastic gums fixed on an iron steel which the perfect planarity of the curtain.

  • The frame dimentions are 83mm wide and 25mm thick (maximum)
PLANO frontal view

PLANO frame screens can be supplied with four different projection surfaces:Alkorfix White, Alkorfix White Dark Back, Alkorfix Grey, Alkorfix Acoustik.

The PLANO screens are avilable on followìing standard formats but you can also choose you own tailored ratio

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  • wall -or ceiling- mount brackets
  • elastics, iron rods and sliders to assembly the curtain
  • angles complete with screws and nuts to assembly the frame


PLANO particularPLANO frame particularPLANO VELVET frame particularPLANO  VELVET frame particularPLANO frame section

Technical and mounting system informations:

PLANO fixing systemPLANO frame/ surface rear side: eleastic particularPLANO floor mounting adaptor kit
PLANO rear frame section with pin for the elastic gumPLANO rear frame section with pins for the elastic gumPLANO reinforced anglePLANO anglePLANO anglePLANO frame assembly
PLANO curtain assembly PLANO curtain assembly PLANO curtain assembly PLANO assembly curtain to framePLANO assembly curtain to framePLANO assembly curtain to framePLANO elastic gums assemblyPLANO elastic gums assembly

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