- rigid holgrafic screens, rolling, framed, portable projection screens: high quality dynamic projection

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ROLLING screens

The MAXI screens are large dimention screens,
characterised by
high quality performace of the projection and perfect planarity of the projection curtain:
MAXI scrrens are the ideal choice for proiection in
large spaces

The MAXI screens are available as
NORMAL or TENSIO (VARIO) versions.

The MAXI screens can be supplied with five different projection surfaces: Alkorfix White, Alkorfix White Dark Back, Alkorfix Grey, Alkorfix Acoustik, Alkorfix Fumè (for rear projection - max 450cm) and they are all available with black edges and black top (with heights from 5 to 60 cm) except from the Alkorfix Fumè curtain.
The MAXI screens are available with white case or without case
the projection surface drop can be choosed as frontal or rear.

The MAXI screens are avilable on followìing
standard formats but you can also choose you own tailored ratio:

MAXI whiteMAXI black edgesMAXI TENSIO with black edges and black top

DOWNLOAD catalogue:

MAXI particularMAXI particularMAXI TENSIO particularMAXI TENSIO particularMAXI without caseMAXI without caseMAXI fixing system



  • wall -or ceiling- mount brackets
  • unipolar selector switch


  • receiver and RF remote control (modalities: basic, automatic and compatible with domotic systems)
  • receiver and infrared remote control
  • bracket extensions (up to 60 cm)

Technical and mounting system informations:

MAXI - rolling tube diameter 108 mmMAXI - d 108 mm - frontal dropMAXI - d 108 mm - rear dropMAXI - rolling tube diameter 150 mmMAXI - d 150 mm - frontal dropMAXI - d 150 mm - rear dropMAXI fixing system and rear dropMAXI fixing system

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