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The HOLOPRO™ patent

The Holopro screen distinguishes itself on technical level thaks to the presence of a holographic surface consisting of several thousand individual elements holographic (HOE, Holographic Optical Element); this special surface is achieved using a particular polymeric medium of very small thickness that is placed between two sheets of pure crystal to form a sandwich structure. The individual components, as well as the entire production process, are covered by international patent owned by G + B Pronova GmbH.

The video projection on HOLOPRO™

The transparency of HOLOPRO ™ produces a particular effect on image quality and its contrast: HOLOPRO ™ reproduces images that seem to float in the air in and out from the visible background visible behind the screen, when it is not projected. But it is the same the background that provides a substantial contribution to the performances of HOLOPRO ™: the ambient light is canceled, while the shadow areas help to increase the contrast effect.

How HOLOPRO™ screen works


HOLOPRO™ screen works as a rear projection screen:

The beam of light from a video projector placed at an angle of 36.4 ° (respect to the perpendicular of the screen) hits the screen surface in the rear area: the holographic elements (HOE) "drive" the beam in the direction the viewer and at the same time, expanding the image area.

  • Every single holographic element works effectively to direct the beam of light in a certain direction, making the image defined and incredibly bright. This is possible because the holographic surface routes towards the viewer only the beam of light from the specific angle of 36.4 °. For this reason the projected image is not disturbed by external environmental factors such as natural or artificial light sources.
  • The Holopro screen lets you make projection even in bright sunlight with results impossible for traditional video projection systems. The high definition of the holographic film (100 lines per mm) and low reflectance produced by the crystal glass, guarantee against the possibility of effects of hot spots and shadow areas that often affect the conventional projection surface.

The video projector can be positioned at an angle of 36.4 ° either above or below the center of the screen, without any differences in the video projection.

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